Welcome to the website of the Finnish Historical Society, Sudbury.  The following are excerpts from the constitution.

Article 2 – Purposes

a. It is the purpose of the Society to preserve the historical record of immigrant Finnish Canadians and their descendants.

b. To this end, the Society is empowered to act as a repository for all archival material in any form regarding the history of Finnish settlement in Sudbury and, when appropriate, elsewhere in Canada.

 c. The Society is empowered to publish (or assist in the publishing of) material of any kind regarding the history of the Finnish settlement in the Sudbury area. To this end, financial assistance may be granted by the Society to researchers aimed at collecting or preserving materials related to the Finnish heritage.

d. The Society is empowered to act as a genealogical source of information for people interested in the Finnish heritage.

 e. The Society is empowered to co-operate with other historical/genealogical societies and government agencies for the promotion and preservation of ethnic histories.

 Article 3 – Membership

a. Any person who has an interest in the preservation of Finnish Canadian culture and history is eligible to become a member.