Welcome to Long Lake Finnish Cemetery - City Of Greater Sudbury

In the South End of the city of Sudbury, there is a cemetery that was created in the bush by Finnish pioneers with burials as early as 1930. It is located in Lot 6 Concession 5 in Broder Township. The cemetery plot, Parcel 6078 S.E.S., was purchased from the Crown on June 15th 1933. The rectangular 1 hectare lot is about 85 by 123 meters and was surveyed September 7th 1929 and patented July 8th 1933 to the then trustees Kaarlo Nissila, Alexander Majava, and Gabriel Lindgren.

The land is accessed by a dirt road 1.2 km south of the Highway 17 SW Bypass off Long Lake Road (Municipal Road 80) and approximately 500 meters east of Long Lake Road. The cemetery was built in anticipation of Long Lake Road using a more easterly approach closer to the cemetery.  As the decades passed and families moved, the cemetery fell out of use about 1945. But it re-emerged in the public eye in the late 1980’s when a skull and other bones were dug up by teenagers. The police got involved, the bones were recovered, and a reburial held.

In January 2001 legal right to cross over the private lands owned by Hautamaki Estate (Parcel 3317) and Pagnutti Development (Parcel 25851) was obtained by the Finnish Canadian Historical Society. Since then a new fence has been erected around the property. Bushes obscuring headstones and crosses have been cleared and the access road upgraded. The City of Greater Sudbury has recognized the cemetery and is assisting financially with the restoration, upkeep, signage and insurance. 

Since the original data was accidentally lost in a fire it has been an onerous task to find a complete list of burials. In September 8th 2002 an Official Reopening took place with the unveiling of a bronze plaque on a granite rock listing the names of the 47 known burials at that time. With known records from various sources such as anecdotal recollections, church records, funeral homes, death records, city and provincial vital statistics, newspaper articles and obituaries it is believed that 55 is the actual number of burials. There are no markers to identify all the graves but in 2017 stainless steel crosses were placed at obvious gravesites. A table listing all known burials is found in this edition.

TPlaque and SS crosseshe cemetery is in the trusteeship of the Finnish Canadian Historical Society Sudbury Branch in recognition as a burial place for numerous local Finnish pioneers. In 2000 the trustees were Toivo Lain, John Saari, and Arnold Niemiaho. Later in 2006 the trustees were Veikko Kivikangas, Walter Lammi, Oiva Saarinen, and Antti Haranen. The 2017 trustees are Walter Lammi, Ralph Toivonen, Bill Makinen, Paula Rautanen, and Timo Nordberg.   The Historical Society has also dedicated a tree with a plaque for all their past chairs. Past chairs (in alphabetical order) include: Antti Armas Haaranen, Antti Heiskanen, Väinö Kuikka, Toivo Lain, Jussi Luoma, Jussi Mäki, Arnold Niemiaho, Rev.Lauri Pikkusaari, Leo Gunnar Raaska, Bruno Tenhunen and Einar Wilson.

Please let us know if you have any additional information. Email to Paula Rautanen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or telephone 705 522-7831.

Veikko Kivikangas was the driving force for the restoration of the Long Lake Cemetery and unfortunately he passed away on November 15th, 2014. The ownerrship of the cemetery is in the process of being transferred to the City of Greater Sudbury, although the Society remains committed to assist in its maintenance.

 KIVIKANGAS, Veikko Johannes - In loving memory and with heavy hearts the family wishes to announce his passing Saturday November 15th 2014 at the age of 79 years. Born June 11th,1935 in Alavus Finland he immigrated to Canada in 1956 where he met and married Meeri (Raaska) predeceased. Dear son of Kalle and Senja (Mesimaki) predeceased. Veikko was a loving father to his daughter Anne Bellmore (husband Stuart) and Glenn Kivikanga predeceased. He will remain in the hearts of his grandchildren Harmony Bellmore (Michael), John Bellmore and his great grand-daughter Jordana. Veikko was a man who loved his family unconditionally and besides the love he felt for his family and friends his greatest joy was being Iso-Pappa to Jordana. He is survived by his brother and sisters in Finland, predeceased by his brothers Kassu and Arvo. Veikko was Godparent to Kari Raaska (and family) in Guatemala, Kai Saarinen (and family) in Sudbury and Maria Wallenius in Kitchener. Veikko will be sadly missed by extended family and friends in Finland and Canada. Veikko was a special friend to Oiva and Edith Saarinen and Albert and Marie Bouclin. He was an excellent carpenter, he enjoyed going to the opera and had a great love for nature. He was a member of the Knights of Kaleva for 45 years, Suomi Lions Club, Finnish Canadian Historical Society of Sudbury and St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church. Funeral Service will be held in the R.J. Barnard Chapel, JACKSON & BARNARD FUNERAL  HOME , 233 Larch Street, Sudbury on Friday, November 21st, 2014 at 11:30am.

 To view the photos of the gravemarkers and the memorial plaques click on the Gallery link below.


The photos and plaques, for those without a marker, in the Album were kindly provided by Murray Pletsch, the webmaster of the Northern Ontario Gravemarker Gallery.

The gravemarkers were photographed by Martin Neva

Below is the database of the Long Lake Burials and can be viewed in the Gallery also.

Surname Maiden Name Given Names Death Date Age Obit Date of Birth Birth Place Comments
Ahlgren   Lillian 28-Apr-32 17 Yes May 14 1915 Copper Cliff, Ont.  
Ahlgren   Oscar 26-Jul-36 58 Yes   Finland  
Aho Luoma Aune 16-Jun-28          
Ahokas   Anton A.(Antti) 04-May-39 54 Yes   Finland  
Anderson   Jack 17-Jan-36 73 D. Cert      
Falt   Arvi 29-Feb-36 30 Yes Mar 15 1905 Sakkijarvi Finland  
Falt   Aimo 17-May-35 11 m Yes Jun 14 1934 Broder Twp, Ont. infant son
Freeman Malmberg Beata 08-Sep-43 85 Yes Dec 17 1857 Finland  
Freeman   John Henrik 03-Sep-39 75 Photo Jul 12 1864 Finland  
Haapala Kantola Anna Lovisa 24-Dec-49 71 Yes Jan 1 1878 Finland  
Haapala   Taavi (David) 19-Sep-37 67 Yes Oct 5 1870 Finland  
Hakkarainen Kannelvuo Fiija (Sofia) 24-Jan-39 48 Yes 1890 Eurajoki  Finland  
Hakkarainen   Peter 27-Jul-48 64 Yes 1884    
Hanninen Innanen Emma 18-Jun-41 52 Yes July 12 1889 Parikkala Finland also Pekka Poutanen
Hemming   Jaakko (Jack) 09-Jun-35 53 D. Cert Dec 18 1882 Finland  
Hirvi   Eino Antti 13-Jun-51 1 Yes      
Hongell   Alexanderi 02-Jun-35 62 Yes Jun 101873 Finland  
Hongell   Hilma 11-Jul-43 56 Yes Dec 19 1886 Finland  
Johnson   Ethel Eila Lillian 10-Aug-34 6 Yes May 5 1928 Broder Twp, Ont.  
Johnson   Helvi Nov ?, 1932 infant No Feb-32 Broder Twp, Ont.  
Johnson   Joseph Alfred 13-Jun-36 46 Yes Jan 4 1890 Finland  
Kallio   Justus in 1930's         Long Lake shore
Kantokoski Koivula Anna Milja 08-Nov-33 30 Yes Sep 24 1903 Alajarvi Finland Death Cert as Koski
Kinnunen   Abel 20-Aug-45 55 Yes 1893 Finland  
Kinnunen   Arne 14-Oct-89 66 Card 1923 Copper Cliff, Ont. WWII Army Pte.  Ashes
Lammi   Einari 01-Jul-37 51 Yes   Finland  
Lammi   Irene 10-Mar-38 2 mths. Yes Jan 20 1938    
Lehto   Otto Ilmari 02-May-45 55 Yes   Kokemäki, Finland  
Lindgren   Gabriel Kaappo 18-Jun-33 62 Yes Jun 6 1871 Finland Iron cross grave marker
Luoma   Alexanderi 09-Nov-31 59 Yes Dec 24 1879 Töysä, Finland  
Luoma   Wayne Jan 9 -58         Died at birth
Majava Vehvilainen Edla (Ida) 13-Apr-35 54 Yes   Finland  
Mäki Uusitalo Hilma Matilda 07-Jan-45 56 Yes Dec 14 1888 Noormarkku, Finland  
Mantyla   John 27-May-40 69 Yes   Finland  
Myllynen   Lauri Mikael 05-Mar-41 25 G. Marker Aug 9 1915    
Niemi   Nestor Berhard 16-Nov-32 41 Yes Jun 17 1891 Finland  
Niskanen   Victor Antti 30-Jul-40 47 Yes   Finland  
Nissila   Reino (Bruno) 08-Apr-32 7 Yes Sep 5 1924 Broder Twp, Ont.  
Nordlund   Waino 16-Dec-40 54 Yes      
Pelkola   William 16-Nov-44 70 Yes   Finland  
Pertulla   Henry Johansson 24-Dec-51 72 Yes      
Peura   Arne 28-Jul-44          
Peura   John Jussi            
Purola   Simon 28-Jul-44 60 Yes Sept 26 1883 Finland  
Puskala   Kusti 17-Jan-39 86 Yes 1851 Kauhava Finland  
Rahko Poutanen Freda            
Rahko   Jaakko Lauri 07-Jun-39 38 Yes Aug 9 1900 Ilmajoki Finland mining accident
Ritari   Tuomas 25-Nov-35 76 Yes Sept 11 1850 Finland  
Salmi   Sanelma 08-Nov-40 22 Yes   Finland  
Salmi   Viesti           sister of Sanelma
Salo (Salomaki)   Leo Erik 23-May-40 54 Yes   Finland 3 Salo brothers
Salo (Salomaki)   Erland 27-Dec-41 53 Yes July 9 1887 Finland  
Salo (Salomaki)   John 11-Apr-38 53 Yes Dec 31 1885 Finland  
Savela   Ida 11-Jun-40 72 Yes Sep 14 1864 Finland  
Uusitalo   Eino Johannes 20-Apr-33 33 Yes Mar 10 1899 Jalasjarvi Finland  
Vihuri   Silja 05-Aug-38 69 Yes Jan 1869 Finland  
Wasenius   Wäinö Valdemar 09-Jul-33 50+ Yes   Finland