The Finnish Canadian Historical Society (FCHS) was founded on Apr 2, 1944 in Sudbury under the Finnish name of Kanadan Suomalainen Historia Seura, primarily by Pastor L.T. Pikkusaari of the Wuoristo Evangelical Lutheran Church in Copper Cliff. This is one of the oldest Finnish churches still standing in Canada. The name of this church has since changed to St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church and celebrated its 110th Anniversary in 2007. The FCHS was a national society but Sudbury was designated as the center of operations. ​Its primary purpose was to collect old Finnish books, photos, and documents; interview old residents on audio tape; recognize old pioneers; and display archival photos at the Finnish Canadian Grand Festivals annually. 

In 1947, Rev. Lauri T. Pikkusaari, then pastor at the Wuoristo Evangelical Lutheran Church in Copper Cliff, published a book, named: Copper Cliffin Suomalaiset ja Copper Cliffin Suomalainen Evankelis-Luterilainen Wuoristo-Seurakunta for the 50th anniversay of the church. The book, written in Finnish, narrates the history of the church ministers, immigration of Finns to Canada, founding of the Sudbury area from the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway through to the development of the nickel mining industry,the history of the establishment of the town of Copper Cliff, Finnish organizations and biographies of the pioneers of the district.

In 1957, Rev. Pikkusaari, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the church, published a pamphlet of the activities of the church from 1947 to 1957. Included therein were biographies of the church members and a listing of members who died between 1947 and 1957. The vital statistics from the biographies and list of deaths has been incorporated into two lists which are available in the Genealogy tab.

Kanadan Suomalaisten Historia – Osa I ja II ( Finns in Canada History – Volumes I and II)This was a major undertaking of the History of the Finns in Canada in the Finnish language. The author was Pastor Yrjö Raivio and was four years in the making. Interviews of Finns were carried out throughout Canada, with members accompanying the Pastor on his travels. Part 1 was published in 1975 and part II in 1979. Members of the Raivio family in Finland have reprinted these books and are selling them in Finland through Suomi Seura/Finland Society, through their web site at http://suomi-seura.fi/