Membership Form

The membership form can be downloaded and/or printed from the Gallerby clicking on the icons at the top right of the page and submitted to the executive at a monthly meeting. There is no charge to attend a meeting, but there is a yearly membership fee of Five ($5) dollars. 

  Finnish Canadian Historical Society—Sudbury Membership Form   

Name  _______________________________________________________________________ 

Address  ____________________________________________________________________ 

Apt Number  __________  City  ______________________  Postal Code ______________ 

Telephone Number (Home)  _______________________   (Cell) _____________________   

Email  _______________________________________________________________________ 

Date of Birth  _________________________________________________________________ 

How did you hear about us?   O  Friend   O  Internet   O  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) O  Media (Newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, poster) O  Other ___________________________________________________   

Would you like to volunteer?    O   Archives     O   Membership   O   Event Planning    O   Presentations   O   Fundraising    O   Publicity   O   Good Will    O   Website O   Other  __________________       

Yearly Membership Fee       $5.00   

Membership Dues Paid (To be completed by FCHS Membership Chair)  Date    Amount  Details      ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________       

O: 02/24/2021