Onni & Thelma Taylor (nee Pearson) Toivonen

Updated October 24, 2019: 
A home has been found for the photos and the CD to a lady in Pennsylvania who found the material on our website and contacted Marty Neva via the email address on the website. Her grandmother who lives in Sweden is a cousin to Onni and has been working on the genealogy of her family. Onni's father had emigrated to Canada and they had lost contact with them. Five years from the time the material was received by the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society it has been reunited with the family.

Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society was sent an unidentified photo; an old photo album from the 1930s and 1940s and some Toivonen family photographs. The Toronto Branch forwarded the collection to me, hoping to find someone in the Finnish community or Thelma Taylor Pearson’s family that would be interested in receiving the collection.

Onni Toivonen was born in Cobalt on October 30 1914 to parents Aaron Toivanen (sic Toivonen?) and Hilda Lyytinen, married on May 19th 1945 in Toronto to Thelma Taylor Pearson. He died December 3rd 1975 in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. They do not appear to have children.

Thelma Taylor Pearson was born February 19th 1923 in Toronto to parents Oscar Pearson and Ragnhild Taylor. She went to public school in Toronto in 1934. She married Onni Toivonen on May 19th 1945 and shortly thereafter they moved to Cleveland Ohio where she worked for the Ohio Bell Telephone Company for 34 years. Thelma moved to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina in 1981 and died there on January 24th 2012.

Surviving are cousins in Sweden – Britt Gröön, Elisabet (James) Gröön Glaspie, Kerstin (Hans) Gröön Engberg, Johanna Gröön Lim, Oskar and Markus Lim, William and Hanna Engberg, and Maya, Lisha and Johnatan Glaspie.

We would like to 're-gift' this to a Toivonen family that cares about this family or to Thelma’s relatives.

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