Wuoristo (St. Timothy's) Church Members - 1957

The pamphlet Wuoristo-Seurakunta 60-vuotias. (Wuoristo Congregation - 60 Years) Ed. by Lauri T. Pikkusaari. Copper Cliff, Ontario. 1957, 65 p. lists the members of the Wuoristo Evangelical Church in 1957.



The list of members are in a PDF file and an Excel file in the Gallery. The lists, prepared by Martin Neva, can be accessed by clicking on the Gallery link.  The PDF file is searchable on the site, but the Excel file will download to your computer. Both files can be searched by pressing the Control key and the F (for File) (Command key + F (for Find) key for Mac computers) key together and enter your search word or partial word. Capitalize the first letter of names and click on Match Case to eliminate hits on words that are not names.