WW II  Finnish Canadian Soldiers

The booklet Canadan Suomalaisten Sotilaiden Muistoalbumi Vuonna 1946 (Sudbury, Ontario 1946, 69 p.) was published by the Sudbury, Ontario newspaper Vapaus. The booklet lists and shows by province photos of Canadian Finnish soldiers who served during WW II.

The captions, written in Finnish, under each individual mentions hometown, sometimes the birth year and place of birth, occupation, rank, arenas of service and where they were discharged. The captions were translated into English by Martin Neva in 2000 and submitted to the website of the Genealogical Society of Finland at that time.

Although the booklet has photos of most of the soldiers, the photos have not been included in the file. If you are interested in obtaining a photo of a soldier, please contact Martin Neva at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at (705) 692-9106.

If there is no district, province or country after the name of the town, it is in Ontario since the province was left off all the locations in Ontario. Also, since the book was published in Sudbury, Ontario many of the locations are local or are now ghost towns and would not show up on a current map. In these cases Sud Dist was inserted after the location to indicate Sudbury District. Some of the cells are empty because there was no information for that individual.

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