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Historical Sudbury Photos - Keijo Kaitila and Taisto Eilomaa arranged for the scanning of the originals in the Society's collection and renumbered by Anita Suosalo.

Waters Township Farm Histories - writeups of Waters Township families from the Tweedsmuir History Scrapbooks produced by the Waters Womens Institute. The Society thanks the Waters Women's Institute for permission to post the articles and photos to the website.

Historical Wanup Photos - These photos were collected by Arnold Niemiaho, a former Chair of the Society, and some of the photos were annotated by Martin Neva.

Early Finnish Settlements in Sudbury Area - These maps were produced and included in publications by Oiva Saarinen.  The Society thanks Oiva for allowing the maps to be included on the website.

Inco Triangle Photos - Photos of retirees from Inco with Finnish hertitage or background and photos of participants in sports and cultural events.

Suomi Ranta Curtain Advertisments - The stage curtain at the Suomi Ranta hall on Long Lake Road was saved by the Society and the Suomi Ranta Album shows the advertisements that were on the curtain when it was down.

Lilja Stone (Mäki) Album - These photos are of the Oskari Mäki family.  Lilja Stone (nee Mäki) was Oskari's daughter. Her brother Oscar carried on the lumber business started by his father and formed the Kormak Lumber Company with C. K. Korpela in 1942.

Gloria Pakkala (Kallio) Album - These photographs are of the Pakkala and Kallio family.  Gloria was Vern (Väinö) Kallio's daughter and married Andrew (Andy) Pakkala.  Thanks to Gloria Pakkala for donating the photographs to the Finnish Canadian Historical Society. 

Beaver Lake Theatre Photos - Photos and names of cast and production staff in plays during the 1940's and 50's provided by Helen Makela from the collection of XXXXXXX

Toivonen/Toivanen/Pearson Genealogy - Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society was sent an unidentified photo; an old photo album from the 1930s and 1940s and some Toivonen family photographs. The Toronto Branch forwarded the collection to Marty Neva, hoping to find someone in the Finnish community or Thelma Taylor Pearson’s family that would be interested in receiving the collection. 

FCHS Submission to Finland's 100th Anniversary Book - A photo of the five members of the Society that wrote articles for the book and photos that were included in their articles.

Finnish Burials Database - Spreadsheet of the almost 8,000 burials of Finnish people and spouses in both Excel and PDF formats.

Long Lake Cemetery - Photos of the gravemarkers and scrolls of the names and dates of the deceased without a gravemarker and dedication markers for the past chairs of the Society.

WW II Finnish Canadian Soldiers - A Word document with a table listing the Canadian Finnish soldiers who served during WW II from the booklet Canadan Suomalaisten Sotilaiden Muistoalbumi Vuonna 1946 (Sudbury, Ontario 1946, 69 p.) was published by the Sudbury, Ontario newspaper Vapaus.  The booklet lists and shows by province photos of Canadian Finnish soldiers who served during WW II. The captions, written in Finnish, and translated into English into the spreadsheet mentions hometown, sometimes the birth year and place of birth, occupation, rank, arenas of service and where they were discharged.

Voima Athletic Club Photos - 174 photos from the Voima Athletic Cub archives provided by Taisto Eilomaa.

Mond MIne Presentation - Photos from a presentation by Bill Makinen and Graham Hodder about the now ghost town of Mond Mine where many Finns worked and lived.

Nelson Farm History Presentation - Henry Nelson presented the history of the Nelson farm with research by the three brothers Henry Nelson, John Nelson and Edward Nelson.

Copper Cliff Wuoristo Church - A listing of members and information of the congregation in two PDF files - 1947 to 1957 and 1957

Oikeuden Ohje Temperance Society, Copper Cliff, Ontario, Canada - Membership list of the Society 1898-1901.